Our offer is simple

If your hotspot isn’t earning what you hoped, we can help. We give lonewolf hotspots the homes they deserve. And we cut you in on 10% of the earnings for life.

We’ll buy your hotspot from you and find it a great new home. You’ll get 10% of the earnings as cash, paid to you every month.

How it works

1. We buy your hotspot for the same price you paid for it, including your shipping costs.

2. We send you a shipping label and you mail us the hotspot.

3. We find it a great new home in Portland, Oregon where it earns lots of HNT. We transfer your cut to you at the start of every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! We’ll buy your hotspot back for the same price you paid for it and we’ll pay for the postage to ship it to us. You’ll get a monthly cut issued on the first day of month.

Many great reasons, we think.

First, hotspots aren’t cheap and if you’re only earning from issuing challenges, well, that’s not much.

Second, validators are coming soon and while they’ll make the network better than ever, it also means lone wolf hotspots won’t earn anything. Your lone wolf wants to run wild and free! We can help.

Finally, we have lots of experience placing hotspots around Portland, Oregon. Our hotspots earn an average of 14 HNT per day as of March 2021.

Yes. So long as the hotspot is in working order (and we’ll do everything we can to keep it that way) you’ll continue to get 10% of the earnings paid out each month. There is some fine print forthcoming, but the heart of it is that we make this guarantee on the condition that your cut and our operating expenses combined still leave a little profit for us. And of course, you can buy back the hotspot at any time.

You can buy the hotspot back from us at any time for the same price we bought it from you for. We’ll never sell or transfer the hotspot to anyone else. Return shipping is a flat $10 to anywhere in the US.

We average the daily closing price of HNT in USD as listed by CoinGecko and send you payment via our payment processor Gusto.com.

Taxes are a drag – but important. We’ll get a W9 from you and issue a 1099 at the start of the following year. You’re responsible for paying your taxes.

Yes! You get a stake in a good performing miner! With validators coming online soon, lone wolves will no longer earn by issuing challenges. You could deal with sketchy eBay buyers and get some money up front. With us you will receive a monthly payout and our incentives are aligned. Plus if the network comes closer to you, or you move closer to the network, you can always buy your unit back – without the need to wait through the shipping bottle necks.